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BGX guide for Windows

Enhance Your League of Legends Gameplay with BGX Script

Enhance your League of Legends gameplay with BGX Script, the ultimate scripting tool designed for players seeking a competitive edge. Our comprehensive guide walks you through installation, setup, and in-game configuration, so you can dominate the Rift in no time.

Installation (Windows 10 or higher required):

  1. Get the Installer: Create an account on the BGX forum and download the BGX Loader installer.
  2. Run the Installer: Follow the straightforward instructions to install BGX Script.
  3. Launch and Update: Open BGX Loader, log in, and let it auto-update on first launch.


  • If the loader doesn’t start, close any “Loader BGX” processes in your task manager, delete the “BGX Loader” folder, and restart from step 2.
  • If the loader still won’t start, try disabling Windows Defender or your antivirus temporarily.

First Injection:

  1. Start a Training Mode Game: Launch League of Legends in Training Mode with BGX Loader running. Make sure BGX is updated for your game version.
  2. Injection Notification: You’ll receive a Windows notification if injection is successful (unless disabled in settings).
  3. Successful Injection, No Crash: You’re good to go! Start scripting and enjoy enhanced gameplay.
  4. Successful Injection, Game Crashes: This may happen in fullscreen mode. Switch to borderless and try again. If it persists, contact our support team.
  5. Injection Fails: This usually happens due to antivirus interference. Disable it and reinstall BGX in a new folder.
  6. HWID Locked Error: If you get an HWID lock, wait 12 hours or contact an admin for assistance.

In-Game Configuration:

  1. Enable Modules: Go to Core -> Plugins list -> [Module] -> Load (and Load always to auto-load).

Essential Modules:

  • EUtility: Manages awareness drawings (gank alerts, cooldowns, wards) and activates items/spells.
  • Evade: Shows enemy spell hitboxes and helps you dodge.
  • Champion Modules: Control spell usage, drawings, etc., for specific champions.

Core Modules (Enabled by Default):

  • BGX Changer: Change skins for yourself, allies, enemies, wards, and minions.
  • Visuals: Enable OBS drawing hider, tower range indicator, and zoom hack.
  • Target Selector: Chooses the focus target when multiple champions are nearby.
  • Orbwalker: Automates kiting/farming for ADCs when pressing Combo/LaneClear/etc. keys.
  • Prediction: Aims spells for you in combination with champion modules.

To find the best settings, check out our config server at