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BGX Script Private and Public Versions: Everything You Need to Know

Comprehensive Guide on BGX Script Versions and Private Information


BGX is a popular tool for enhancing gameplay in League of Legends, providing users with various versions tailored to different needs and platforms. This guide will cover the details of the different BGX Script versions, including their features, pricing, and availability.

BGX Script Versions

Public Version with Public Bypass

  • Features: This version is accessible to all users and includes a public bypass mechanism.
  • Pricing: The price for this version remains unchanged.
  • Usage: Ideal for general users who want basic scripting functionalities without additional costs.

macOS Version

  • Features: This version is specifically designed for macOS users. It is stable and undetected, ensuring a secure scripting experience on Macintosh operating systems.
  • Pricing: The price for the macOS version is set at $50 per month.
  • Guide and Requirements: A full guide on how to install and use the macOS version is available, detailing system requirements and setup instructions. For more details, refer to the BGXScript Guide.

Private Windows Version

  • Features: This is an undetected version for Windows, offering enhanced security and privacy. It is designed to be completely secure, minimizing the risk of detection.
  • Pricing: The price for the private Windows version is significantly higher, reflecting its advanced features and security measures.
  • Availability: Not everyone will have access to this version due to its exclusive nature. It is expected to be released within 1 to 2 weeks, pending final testing.
  • Note: Despite the higher price, this version is essential for users who prioritize security and undetectability. More details on this version can be found on the BGX Script page.

Private Version Release Date

The private version of BGX Script is scheduled to be released in the 14.10 patch of League of Legends. This update ensures users will have access to the latest features and security enhancements provided by BGX Script.

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BGX Script offers a range of versions to cater to different users’ needs, from a public version with a basic bypass to a highly secure private version for both macOS and Windows. By staying informed about the latest updates and following the provided guides, users can maximize their gaming experience while maintaining security and performance.

For detailed installation guides and more information, visit the BGXScript Guide and the BGX Script pages.